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Welcome to Home Remedy Winter Haven


Home Remecbdy, Winter Haven, FL's PREMIER CBD store!

Lavender & Lilac, high quality designed for personal and home use. 

Our mission is to serve and educate consumers, manifest relationships and help those who are searching for an all natural alternative in their health and home care regimen. 

We started this journey over a year ago when my son introduced me to CBD and all of its benefits. Having another company that makes all natural bath and body products, this seemed like a perfect fit. In that year, journey's have been made, research has been done and suppliers have been vetted. We soon learned that all CBD is NOT the same. We also vowed to only supply our customers with HIGH QUALITY products. We will only sell products that we are willing to put into or on our bodies.

We sell only high quality CBD products that are sourced from the mountains of Colorado. After spending over a year researching suppliers, we have teamed with what we feel is one of the best the market has to offer. Their hemp plants are grown in grow houses withOUT the use of pesticides and herbices, giving you a clean product. They also extract the CBD by using a cold press method, not petroleum products. Lastly, they have all of their products tested by 3rd party labs to ensure the products you purchase are what they claim to be.

A little bit about the founders of Home Remecbdy:

The "head lady in charge" is Marilyn Lacey. Marilyn has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has spent most of her career in Accounting and Human Resources and resides in Winter Haven, FL with her significant other. She has one son, who you will meet next, a grandson (the apple of her eye), and 3 cats. Why 3? Well, because 4 would make her a crazy cat lady. 

The inspiration for the company is Caleb Rist. Caleb has his mother's entrepreneurial spirit and is the brainchild behind Home Remecbdy. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL and has blessed his mother with a grandson. 

Stop by and meet our team.

We hope that you will also become a part of the Home Remedy Winter Haven family as we continue to become YOUR Premier CBD Store, your personal product location.

We are introducing something special every month with a day in the shop with a social gathering featuring new and hot items with awesome themes according to the season.


DISCLAIMER: At no point can we guarantee that a false positive on a drug test will not occur. CBD and THC-9 at this point are difficult to distinguish in field tests and other quantifiable drug tests. We do not recommend you take the product if this is a sensitive issue at your workplace, instead discuss with your employer before using CBD.

*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended for the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or animal.