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Cassia EOCO (Essential Oil Certified Organic)


Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils!

I have approximately 50 HIGH QUALITY oils, many of which are certified organic. These can be compared to major brands such as doTerra and Young Living.


Properties: It is commonly used as an anti-diarrheal, antidepressant, anti-emetic, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic and an anti-arthritic. Besides all those “antis”, cassia essential oil is also an astringent, carminative, circulatory, febrifuge and a stimulant.

Health benefits: It has been known to eliminate loose stool and diarrhea, while fighting depression and uplifting mood. It can also stop vomiting, reduce milk flow, inhibit microbial growth, treat rheumatism and arthritis, tighten gums & muscles and help stop hair loss. This powerful oil is also thought to reduce hemorrhaging, fight viral infections, remove excess gas, improve blood & lymphatic circulation, relieve obstructed menstruation, and reduce fever.

I do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the consent of a physician. If you do, be sure to dilute before usage and educate yourself to the dilution ratio based on your needs.

.50 oz / 15 ml. bottle

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