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Earth Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel - Level III GRADUATION



Stone and Bone Earth Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel. Teachings of The Seventh Generation - Chakra System Healing Interaction with Chants and Meditation.

October 22, 2020 , Thursday 6:15-9:15 pm

220 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven

The final class of our Initial trip around the Sacred Hoop of Life series Level III on October 22. Attendee’s must have attended all or a combo class to register.

Please bring your Healing Stones and  essential oil. We will work with all tools in this class including your new Sage and Dream Catcher which you receive in this class.

Our last evening of intimate understanding of Native American philosophy. The Rainbow Within and the Chakras.. Bridging the gap of time and space to share knowledge of crystals, healing, Reiki, aromatherapy and wellness. Raising consciousness for your self-healing and Mother Earth. Meditation and chant.

This class will start in the WEST, Spirit, moving NORTH, Wisdom, and closing the circle and the Sacred Hoop of Life.

Continue the conversation on how, when to  cleanse, clear, tune, program and how to use the crystals ....  with Chakras :) with yourself and in space.

Introduce one more healing modalities = Reflexology, Students in all classes get a brief table session! If desired, sox on :)

Discover your stone and animal and a deeper connection with our Planet and stars.

Placement of Reiki and  Hands On Healing, 

You will have a completed the  multi dimensional path of  knowing another level of being and understanding of the Universal Life Force around us. The Tree of Life and you in the Universe. For the highest healing!   Awakening, Knowing, and Peace.

$40 cost. Sage bundle, Dream Catcher and some goodies too are included!

Contact Us, book tickets  via Home Remedy Winter Haven Facebook page

Teacher : Rick Martz: 

Host: Marilyn Lacey

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