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CBD Vanilla Lip Balm - 25 mg


CBD is an all-natural product that has been known to help with anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, diabetes and cancer. Made with only quality CBD grown in Colorado grow houses that don't use pesticides, our isolate is 99.9% pure full spectrum (0.03% or less of THC) and our CBD products work wonders for those looking for an all-natural alternative..

When you are purchasing ANY CBD products, please make sure you check a few things:

1. Where is the CBD grown and under what conditions? Hemp,by nature is a very absorbent plant. Farmers love it because it cleans their soil. It's great for them but all of the toxins the farmer is cleaning from his soil is being absorbed by the hemp plant. Think Chernobyl........ Buy from only US growers that use grow houses and no pesticides. Stay away from products that are grown outside of the US and are sold on Amazon.

2. Is the supplier willing to provide a Certificate of Authenticity from their vendor? Every legitimate vendor is more than happy to supply one and you will see the one my vendor has supplied me below.

3. How many milligrams of CBD am I actually getting? Check the container. The milligrams should be clearly listed. Also, don't be fooled by someone that says they have made a product using CBD oil. Unless they have used the entire bottle in the product, there is no way you are getting the strength they are stating. Think about it, if I use a few drops of 1,000 mg oil in my salve, I can't call it 1,000 mg salve as there may only be a few mg's actually used. Also, you won't benefit from an oil or salve that only contains 1 mg of CBD.

4. If you are looking for pure CBD that does not contain THC, make sure you check the label. It should be clear. You want to purchase and item that contains 99.9% pure CBD. Otherwise you run the risk of the product being illegal to purchase or will contain enough THC to test positive on a drug screen.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Flavor Oil, Full Spectrum CBD.

.15 oz tube containing 25 mg of CBD. 


CBD is not FDA approved. You should always consult with a physician before using CBD products. I am not a physician and can only relate my experiences using CBD products and those from customers who have used it.

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