Lavender & Lilac

Lavender 40/42 EO (Essential Oil)


Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils!

I have approximately 50 HIGH QUALITY oils, many of which are certified organic. These can be compared to major brands such as doTerra and Young Living.

Lavender 40/42: For the perfect scent which is the same time after time.

This oil is a standardized oil, meaning it should have the same aroma every time you purchase it. To accomplish this, two of the main constituents in lavender oil, linalool and linalyl acetate, are added to the oil to make up 40/42% of the oil. Unstandardized oils will naturally vary in these constituents each year depending on the growing condition and weather, which will create slightly different aroma profiles with each batch. You can find different types of Lavender 40/42 on the market. Most of them have synthetic or “nature identical” constituents added to the oil. These are made in a laboratory to smell like the natural constituent. You can also find oil with natural constituents added to them that have been extracted from other essential oils. The Lavender 40/42 offered contains only natural oil and constituents, with absolutely no synthetic or “nature identical” additives. We don’t recommend this oil for aromatherapy purposes, but it is a wonderful oil to use if you want your finished product to smell the same every time you make it. You will always have the perfect smelling candle, soap, or aroma blend.

I do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the consent of a physician. If you do, be sure to dilute before usage and educate yourself to the dilution ratio based on your needs.

.50 oz / 15 ml. bottle

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