Lavender & Lilac

North Star Men's Mustache Wax


Men who are growing a significant mustache will eventually need a quality mustache wax. From sporadic hairs falling onto your lips to errant hair drifting into your mouth, to comingling food particles with stubborn hairs, a quality wax is meant to keep hairs where they belong. Above your lip and our of your mouth.

Is your mustache a little on the thin side? Mustache wax is a must for you to make your mustache fuller and richer. From the infamous Burt Reynold's 'stache of the 70's to the time tested "handle bar" mustache, any notably sized mustache needs wax.

Our mustache wax is the best around, bar none! We use organic oils of Coconut, and Jojoba, Beeswax from a local beekeeper and Lanolin Wax. To that we add our own blends of essential oils created with you in mind.

What do these oils and waxes mean to you?

We select each and every ingredient to not only promote superior hold but also hydration to your mustache.

Our mustache wax comes in 3 different holds and manly scents.

We offer:

Soft Hold 

Medium Hold

Strong Hold - made with Gum Arabic


Our mustache wax come in a 1 oz silver tin. 

All of our products are never tested on animals and our beard products are only tested on hairy men.


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